dancingwhore (dancingwhore) wrote,


I fuckin' LOVE my life
Its amazing I kid you not
And all that time
That I thought it wasn't my
Turn it was nice.
I'm probably not going to be
On this for a while
Which sucks but its understandable.
So I spent this weekend
In the fuckin I.E. And fuckin'
East Los and shit.
Got to spend time with my boi
Amazing show he had
Kid johnson was fuckin' being
Weird as usual hahaha...
Got to go get some food at like
1 in the morning with the fuckin'
Homies out in downey.
Spent the night at the cousin's
House went to santa anita mall
Shopped for my thugness hahaha...
Kicked it with the girls out in
Hollywood got tatted with my

I'm going to miss this shit.
No more hookah :[
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